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The State of MyData 2021

– A snapshot of the path to human-centric approach to personal data

In less than 10 years, the concept of MyData, a human-centric approach to personal data, has gone from a research project and non-profit’s side project into a cornerstone of data strategies policies in Europe and globally. It has become an essential building block of a fair data economy that respects the rights of individuals while helping companies create innovative services based on personal data.      

The State of MyData 2021 provides a snapshot of how we are moving forward on the journey towards a fair, sustainable, and prosperous digital society for all. 


Here are five key takeaways – described in detail in the State of MyData 2021


1. MyData is highly relevant to the “big conversations” of our time.

MyData, or personal data for that matter, is not a fringe topic. It is highly relevant and highly related to the big conversations that humanity is engaged in, such as climate change, growing economic inequality, and the rise of artificial intelligence. In fact, there are hardly any big conversations NOT relevant to MyData. 

2. Cities are becoming pioneers of MyData.

Cities hold enormous amounts of personal data and are ideally positioned to make a large impact as they develop proactive data-based services based on MyData principles. Some forward-thinking cities pioneering human-centric approaches include Oulu and Helsinki in Finland; Lyon, La Rochelle, and Nantes in France, Zug in Switzerland, Ghent, and Antwerp in Belgium.

3. Design is fundamental to the success of the MyData paradigm.

The report reminds us that success in the digital space requires good design, and that good design should be enjoyable, functional and ethical. Among several things within combining MyData design thinking and human-centered design (HCD), we have developed MyData Design Toolkit to help communities to innovative new services based on personal data and mutual trust.


4. The journey of interoperability is all about the dialogue between governance and standards.

The journey of interoperability is a metaphor developed in the context of the highly active MyData operators work. The State of MyData 2021 illustrates the emerging and ongoing dialogue between different approaches to interoperability through the efforts in governance on one hand and standards on the other.


5. What’s missing is as important as what’s there.

The ‘Global’ in our name commits us to seek the diversity of viewpoints to truly tackle global challenges. The ‘human’ in ‘human-centric’ does not discriminate: MyData is equally for all people. Yet, the discussions on indigenous data and voices from the Global South are still faint, we’d love to hear them louder. 


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There’s tremendous momentum for putting MyData concept into practice. We’re seeing increasing interest from large organisations both from the private and public sector piloting human-centric approaches to personal data in their domains. There’s a lot of passion and energy to “make it happen”, while the MyData community invests greatly into ensuring it is also “making it right”,-
Sille Sepp, co-author of State of MyData 2021, explains.

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