MyData Global Membership Application for Organisations

Benefits of becoming an organisation member

  • Chance to introduce your MyData-related solution in our case library
  • Chance to introduce your MyData-related solution in our webinars
  • Promotion on website
  • Promotion on social media
  • Promotion on MyData slideset
  • Discounts for MyData events and partnerships
  • Use the MyData-logo on your website
  • Voting rights to steer the MyData Global towards the right direction
  • Influence decision-makers
  • Support the MyData movement

MyData Global is a mission-driven association whose values are described in the MyData Declaration. We wish that the core values are aligned in the membership base. Therefore, as stated in the bylaws, we ask that you read and sign the MyData Declaration before applying as a member.

Bylaws of MyData Global

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