MyData Thematic Groups are the locus of MyData Global’s activity and a driving force for MyData Global’s thought leadership.

Thematic groups are officially recognised subcommunities facilitated and sanctioned by MyData Global that are interested in a particular theme within the MyData community. They are the drivers of the MyData Global’s thought leadership and promote the general purpose of MyData Global and the MyData Vision as described in the MyData Declaration.


Get involved

  • Join mydataglobal workspace in Slack, our proposed medium for all MyData discussions.
    Get the invitation in
  • Join #thematic-groups channel, discuss and get inspired by other groups and their activities. Check also the various domain specific channels, eg #health-data, #design, #mydata-operators etc
  • Want to initiate your own thematic group?


Draft a Charter for your proposed Thematic Group by using this template.


Submit an application

MyData Global’s staff member will get in touch with you shortly after receiving your application!

Upon the endorsement of the application, the motion to approve your proposed Thematic Group is put up for the Board of MyData Global.