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Learning circle on a technical standard for exchanging and sharing the data between organisations (MIM4 minimum interoperability mechanism)

Minimal Interoperability Mechanisms (or MIMs), are a set of practical technical capabilities based on open technical specifications that allow cities and communities to replicate and scale solutions globally. MIMs provide the technical foundation for procurement and deployment of urban data platforms and end-to-end solutions in cities & communities worldwide.

The Open and Agile Smart Cities (OASC) network has recently developed, with the lead of the City of Helsinki, MIM4, a standard specifically on personal data in the cities.

The learning circle will get into the details of the MIM4, with the goal that companies and cities build solutions that are interoperable and scalable – a solution based on MIM4 and in use in Helsinki, would be more easily replicated in other cities that adopt MIM4.

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Who’s it for?

Companies (in particular solution architects) who want to build smart city solutions that are built on standards and that can be easily deployed in other cities around the world.

Cities who want to develop and procure solutions that are based on known and supported international standards.

Time commitment

Approximately 4 x 2 hour sessions and some exercises (0-2 hours)


  • March/2022-June/2022


15 people / 6 organisations

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