The European Strategy for Data (19.2.2020) calls for a common EU skills data space. In order to improve the competitiveness of EU’s people, the strategy identifies a need for high-quality data for qualifications, learning opportunities, jobs and the skill sets of people. MyData thinking offers a human-centric approach to answer this need; it is both an alternative vision and guiding technical principles.

MyData Global, VAKE Accelerator and the Skills Alliance are uniting to build a human centric skills data space. The #skillsdata thematic group in MyData has a goal to unite the organisations around Europe to build a human centric skills data space. The group will accelerate learning of the participants and organize a consortium directed to European Commission’s funding calls related to the skills data spaces that are expected to open in 2021.”

The documents presented below summarise the learnings and the potential that has been identified from the MyData Accelerator for Work & Skills project, coordinated by The Finnish State Development Company Vake in 2019-2020.

The participants of the thematic group see a great opportunity for global leadership in building an ethical, functioning and profitable skills data ecosystem for the development of services related to work & skills. This European strategy already unites initiatives from Finland, Sweden, Holland, Germany and France.

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Why should we do this?

A short video explaining how the future of work & skills may look like for an individual under a MyData approach.

For general audiences

Why should I join?

A summary presentation with the stories from the individual perspective and call for action for partners of the ecosystem.

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For general audiences & potential partners

How do we build this?

Download or scroll down to the bottom of the page fo a detailed document with insights, call for action and relevant initiatives to make this happen.

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Download the white paper

Join to the thematic group?

The #mydata skillsdata thematic group calls and messaging in MyData Slack are open for all interested community members.

Organisations that wish to be informed and formally participate in the other thematic group activities (governance, technology and standards, design and UX, use cases and business models, forming a funding consortium) need to sign up to the thematic group by providing basic organisational information.

We collect the information order to create a common understanding of each other, be efficient in communications, and to build a good base for the funding application

Please fill in this short form to join the thematic group

Join us for creating common European Skills Data Space

You’re an employer, university, public stakeholder, training organization or platform or individual wanting to create and seize the value of skills data? Join us and create skills data ecosystems that will improve your processes and bring value to your organization and to the people.
  • Get to know who else is a ‘doer’ around the idea of Common European Skills Data Space
  • Collaborate to benefit and contribute to common standards and governance for your skills data ecosystem
  • Prepare and find consortia partners for the upcoming EU funding calls related to the data spaces
  • Co-develop understanding and stay updated on the progress via bi-weekly Zoom calls”

Send us an email if you wish to be included in the #skillsdata thematic group and receive calendar invitation to the bi-weekly calls.


We recommend also joining MyData Slack and the #skillsdata channel where the action is.


Anu Passi-Rauste

Antti ‘Jogi’ Poikola

Matthias De Bièvre

Petri Tuomela


A detailed document with insights, call for action and relevant initiatives to make this happen.

73 pages
For potential partners & experts