MyData Global – organisation members

List of organisation members

Together with these organisations we are creating a fair, sustainable, and prosperous digital society for all of us. Read from the MyData Declaration what we mean by this.

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(Note: this list is not comprehensive as some of our members prefer not to have their names public.)




1001 Lakes Finland
2e Consulting Korea
4valuesoft South Korea  
8-bit-sheep Finland
Aalto University Finland
AfroLeadership Cameroon
Alias France
Arcblock United States
Be Swarm Frances
BitsaboutMe Switzerland
Bloqzone Netherlands
Business Finland Finland
Capgemini Netherlands
CitizenMe United Kingdom
City Of Oulu Finland
Coelition England
Comuny GmbH Germany
Conseils Oy Finland
CoreSeer Company Finland
DATA for GOOD foundation Denmark
Datafund Slovenia,
Datavillage Belgium
DataYogi United Kingdom
de Volksbank NV Netherlands
Demos Helsinki Finland
Diabetes Services ApS Denmark United Kingdom
Digital Living International Finland
Electronic Frontier Finland Finland
Enfuce Finland
Ensure Your Data Norway
esatus AG Germany
Etherswarm Association Switzerland
Fair & Smart France
Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE Finland
Finnish National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) Finland
Forum Virium Helsinki Finland
Fraktio Finland
Fujitsu Limited Japan
Futurice Finland
Futuristiq Slovakia
Geens NPO the Netherlands
Geromics Ltd United Kingdom  
Gfoss Open Technologies Alliance Greece
Gravito Oy Finland
Greenwillow Incorporated Japan
Hamling Sweden  
HeadAI Finland
The City of Helsinki Finland
Hestia.AI Switzerland
ID Ward United Kingdom Sweden
Infomaniak Switzerland
information bank consortium Japan
InnoValor Netherlands
Instituto de Biomecánica de Valencia (IBV) Spain
JLINC Labs (Portable Data Corporation) United States
Kantara Initiative, Inc United States
Linaltec Sweden
Lingsoft Group Oy Finland
MAIF France
Meeco Australia
Metatavu Oy Finland
Ministry of Transport and communications Finland
Mnemonic Identity Solutions Limited United Kingdom
MunJob Oy Ltd Finland
Mydex United Kingdom
Numbers Protocol Taiwan numbersprotocol
Ockto B.V. Netherlands
Onecub France
OKP4 France
Open Humans Foundation USA
Open Knowledge Finland Finland
OwnYourData Austria
Pan Switzerland
PayIQ Finland
Peercraft ApS Denmark
PersonalData.IO Switzerland PersonalData.IO
Polypoly GmbH Germany
Pool Data UK
PrivacyCloud Spain
Privatizz South Africa
Qii Netherlands
Qiy Foundation Netherlands
Salus governance of health data, SSCL Spain
Schluss Netherlands
Sensotrend Finland
Self Innovations Inc US
SIDN Netherlands Netherlands
Sitra Finland
Smart Species Canada
SNPLab Inc. South Korea
Spruce Systems Inc United States
The Self Research Institute United States
Stichting Financieel Paspoort Netherlands/td>
Taival Advisory Finland
The City of Tampere Finland
Tampere University Finland
Tekniikan akateemiset TEK Finland
The DataKirk United Kingdom
TIEKE Finnish Information Society Development Centre Finland
TietoEVRY Finland
Traffic Management Finland Oy
Tribal Data Limited United Kingdom Denmark
VAKE Oy Finland
Vastuu Group Oy Finland
Visions France
VTT Finland
Wellbeing cart Oy Finland
XAMK South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences Finland
Yhteiskunta-alan korkeakoulutetut ry Finland
Yoop Tech Limited United Kingdom  
Your Digital Self Germany