MyData Local hubs are the locus of MyData Global’s activity, and an important means to realise its purpose.

Local Hub is a group of MyData Global members in a certain geographic area (e.g. city, region or country) that promotes MyData purpose and mission locally. Read more about MyData’s mission from MyData Global’s bylaws and the MyData Declaration.

Please note that all members of MyData Global have the opportunity to support a Local hub’s activity by indicating their wish to allocate 50% of their membership fee for the sole use of ONE Local hub, while applying or renewing their membership. Members can change their preference in the next year!

Get involved

  • Join mydataglobal workspace in Slack, our proposed medium for all MyData discussions.
    Get the invitation in
  • Join #hubs channel, discuss and get inspired by other hubs and their activities
    Check out also the various hub-specific channels, links above!


  • Want to initiate your own local hub?


submit an application

Community lead of MyData Global will get in touch with you shortly after receiving your application!


Peer-acceptance call with a fellow local hub initiator.

Upon the endorsement of the application by a fellow Hub, it is recommended for approval by the board of MyData Global.