Register description for MyData Events programme team signup

Name of register
MyData Events programme team signup form

Register keeper
MyData Global ry
Lapinlahdenkatu 16

00180 Helsinki


Please note that access to the registry is entitled to the board, core team and if needed, assistants of the core team.

Purpose of handling personal data

The main purpose of this personal data register is to act as a MyData Events programme team signup registry. The data contained in the register may be handled for the following purposes:

  • To provide email updates on the events’ (eg conference) programme development
  • To provide invitations to relevant events
  • To send surveys relevant to the MyData Events.

Register data content

The programme team signup application registry contains the following data:

  • Names of individuals and organisations
  • Email addresses

Further data may be collected through specific programme team signup forms, such as:

  • Slack handles
  • Social Media handles (Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook)
  • Profile pictures
  • Organisational affiliations
  • Professional background information

Normal data sources

Register data accumulates from membership application submitters themselves.

Normal relinquishment of data and transfer of data outside the EU and ETA

Personal data shall not be relinquished to third parties except as within the permitted or obligated limits of the valid legislation. Personal data may be transferred outside the European Union or the European Economic Area, namely to Google spreadsheet service and a public Trello board (excluding contact information). Personal data may be relinquished to others with the customer’s own approval.

Privacy policy

Please see our full privacy policy.