Taking a stance on personal data monetisation

MyData’s identity (who we are and what we want) is described in the MyData Declaration, but there are still topics that we as a community (and more specifically the MyData Global organisation) have not yet properly discussed and agreed on. 

One of these topics is personal data monetisation. Should individuals own their personal data? Should they be able to monetise it? What is the relationship between these two questions and does a specific position on one necessarily imply or entail a definite position on the other?

The MyData community members are often asked what is the position of MyData Global regarding personal data monetisation. As MyData Global is one of the thought leaders in the domain, we should have not just an opinion but a well-founded and justified position of the organisation, so that all its parties can rely on this in the wider discussion with other stakeholders. Without a clear position on this, we risk losing credibility, diminishing our influence and having internal fragmentation.

This is why MyData Global is organising a deliberation process for taking a stance on the topic.


Invitation to join the multi-stakeholder group

In order to establish a meaningful position, we need to consider many different viewpoints across the business, legal, tech and societal perspectives as well as ensure representation of perspectives from different parts of the globe. Therefore, we extend an invitation to all interested stakeholders to join the multi-stakeholder group and support MyData Global to take a position on personal data monetisation by summer 2022.

The deliberation process will be organised by a nominated task force, who will update you soon about the planned activities and timeline. For now, please let us know if you’re interested to join the deliberation process by filling in the form below.

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