MyData Online 2020 Conference

MyData Online 2020 – Radical collaboration for designing the new normal

The world is in the middle of a perfect storm. Rapid digital transformations across the globe are paving the path for the future. We need to act now and collaborate for creating a fair and sustainable digital society. MyData Online 2020 conference is the place to be for ensuring that human-centric approach to personal data is here to stay!

Held at the end of the year that has been challenging, disruptive and transformative in so many ways, MyData Online 2020 will look beyond the immediate inclinations of the pandemic and its health, economic, social and digital implications to put technology and data into rescue.

MyData Online 2020 will help unleash the enormous potential of innovations based on personal data. It will highlight the existing cases and provide opportunities to build cross-sectoral international collaborations and boost future developments in the area of human-centric data sharing.


MyData is a global community of people working towards human-centric data economy:

  • Covers all sectors; Business, Legal, Tech and Society,
  • Gathers activists of a human-centric data economy,
  • Brings together thought leaders of a human-centric data economy,
  • Provides platform for innovators in tech of a human-centric data economy.


MyData Online 2020 will bring together stakeholders representing Business, Legal, Tech and Social perspectives, because they are all equally important for designing and accelerating the sustainable, fair and prosperous digital society, where human-centric approach to personal data is a key ingredient.


  • 975 registered participants 
  • 46 countries 
  • 140 hours of programme
  • 90% of visitors rated the conference as “good” or “excellent”

+172.000 visitors on conference website
+45.000 unique visitors 
+900.000 impressions on social media


The whole ecosystem will be there!

MyData Online 2020 will bring together some 800-1 000 people from over 30 countries, from business, legal, tech and society perspectives to meet, learn,  inspire, network and collaborate. 

If you are a policy maker or a policy shaper, CDO, CIO, CTO, CPO, DPO, legal expert in ICT, digital transformation expert, business development professional, privacy and responsible data protection advocate, cloud architect, or/and data enthusiast – this is an event for you! 


MyData Online 2020 provides the opportunities for business and professional growth. Promote your company or organisation to 1000+ industry shakers and makers from 30+ countries and show that you are a pioneer in human-centric data economy! Meet your future partners and customers at MyData 2020.

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