MyData Conference 2019 priorities

Conference priorities

We come together at MyData 2019 in order to work together towards a fair, sustainable, and prosperous digital society, where the sharing of personal data is based on trust as well as balanced and fair relationships between individuals, communities and organisations. To best enable this, we are dedicated to four principles.

We are… 


The MyData community is one of experts and this conference is focused on showcasing the best quality of thinking and doing in the world of personal data. We inspire each other by collectively striving towards increasingly better and better ways of solving the issues we all recognise according to the values we all share.

This conference is not your traditional conference. We wish that tap into the enormous pool of talent and experience of the audience by inviting them to participate actively in all sessions. We come together to learn from each other and this is only possible when we engage with each other.

Issues around personal data are complex and multidimensional, and cannot be solved by a single person, organisation, or sector. Such challenges must be approached from multiple perspectives, with reference to specific topics, by people from varied backgrounds, in very different ways. That’s why we prioritise diversity on multiple fronts.


If you have reviewed attendees and presenters of most data conferences, you will notice they have very similar profiles. We are especially seeking submissions from traditionally underrepresented groups and different areas of expertise.  Engaging a diversity of voices is a requirement to enable better and more creative problem solving.


We want the programme to engage with the diversity of audiences that converge at MyData 2019.

To facilitate this, we’re asking all submissions to indicate the level of detail which they will involve. This is to aid the audience in judging what content is most relevant to them.

We give descriptions of the labels used below.


The issues surrounding personal data today, very broadly speaking, can be viewed from business, legal, tech, and societal perspectives.

We ask that all submissions indicate 1-2 perspectives which are most relevant to their approach.

These perspectives are described in more details below.

Focus areas

We have also listed important focus areas that we believe are particularly relevant right now to addressing the opportunities and challenges around personal data.

The focus areas as #keywords are described in more detail below.

Note that this is not an exhaustive list and all submissions are welcome to include additional  keywords


Finally, we will prioritise variety and originality in the format of submissions.

We encourage submissions that include audience engagement to work together towards finding new solutions.

We describe below a set of different formats which encourage this interaction and quality of collaboration and highly recommend that all submitters pick one of those formats or propose their own.

Traditional panels and talk + Q&A submissions are possible, but the number of these formats will be limited in the whole programme to prioritise interaction.

Our diversity goals for the programme team, conference programme, and our attendees are the following:

  • Gender (male, female, other): max. 60% male
  • Geography (Europe, North America, South America, Africa, Asia, Oceania): each continent represented & max. 50% Europe
  • Perspective (#business, #legal, #tech, #society): min. 20% each