MyData Korea

MyData is about allowing individuals or companies to control their own data and use it for themselves.

Inhyun Kim (CEO, 2e Consulting)

To be a true data democracy, you need to define data rights and responsibilities not only from an organizational point of view, but also from a human-centric point of view.

Jooseok Park (Professor, Kyunghee University)

MyData Korea hub was established in September 2019. Through research and sharing of MyData concepts, values, policies, and business use cases, we intend to ensure the development of a healthy, vibrant MyData ecosystem in Korea.

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In 2019, we have

  • submitted our proposal to initiate MyData Korea Hub in July
  • underwent the MyData Global panel interview in August
  • received approval by the MyData Global Board in September
  • translated the MyData Declaration into Korean

For the remainder of 2019 and in 2020, we plan to:

  • grow to 30 active members
  • translate the MyData Whitepaper/Architecture Framework documents into Korean
  • build a website for MyData Korea Hub where Koreans can learn about MyData and access MyData resources
  • study MyData business models and patterns
  • research MyData initiative and policies of other countries
  • learn MyData enabling technologies and standards (OAuth 2.0, OpenID Connect 1.0, UMA 2.0, etc.)