Initiative posters

MyData initiatives are the locus of activity for the global organisation and community.

During the MyData 2019 conference, we wish to showcase the wide range of MyData presence around the globe and across domains, and help all the initiatives to attract new participants. MyData 2019 conference is taking place on 25-27 September in Helsinki, Finland.

For this purpose, we’ve agreed in the previous MyData community calls and online chats, to develop a A2 sized poster for each active MyData local hub and thematic group that presents the key elements of your initiative and a way to get engaged.

Please see an mock-up version below (notice that this is just an example. We will design the posters based on your content in September)

Where will these be used?

  • Conference team would take up printing of these posters some 1-2 weeks before the conference.
  • We will put up the posters to the conference venue for the whole duration of the conference to show what each hub/group is doing (or planning), as well as invite new members to join the initiatives efforts.
  • During the community gathering, there would be a chance to present your activities to the conference attendees and to each hub.

What do I need to do next?

  • Please see below the key items that would be great to present about your hub/group
  • Discuss with your fellow initiators of your hub/group, the content you’d like to present at the MyData conference.
  • Submit your information through the following form by 1 September!

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to #hub-initiators Slack channel or send an email to sille(at)