MyData Global – Guiding Principles

MyData Global organisation and it’s international network operates on the basis of trust, which is actively built by the guiding principles outlined below. MyData Global aspires to weave these principles into all our interactions.

We recognise that as humans, our actions might not always align with the agreed principles; in this spirit we pledge to address all concerns raised about gaps or breaches of our principles in an open and expeditious manner and to create an environment of continuous practice and learning. Our Code of Conduct takes this into practice and describes unwanted behaviour and how we resolve that.

MyData Global has only opinions on issues defined by our purpose and declaration.

These guiding principles were approved in the association general meeting November 15, 2018. Available also in Github.


What this means for us as the ORGANISATION

What this means for us as members and participants of the COMMUNITY

Culture of Respect

We actively facilitate a space where people are free to fully express their identities and opinions, and are free from discrimination and harassment. We speak and act respectfully of others, including their privacy, personal information, and contributions.

Transparency & Openness

Our meetings, documents, and processes are open by default; we prioritise activities aimed at public use. We communicate openly and share knowledge actively.

Efficiency, Agility & Coordination

We encourage decentralised activity in MyData Initiatives while supporting them with central coordination. The board and staff will seek to develop efficient means and structures for the organisation as well as the community. We adhere to established tools, processes and structures, and actively suggest as well as pilot improvements, if needed. These means will support us to engage with activities of MyData Global organisation and community across diverse boundaries.

Culture of Proactivity

We open up processes as early as possible, invite contributions and taking initiatives. We contribute proactively to ongoing projects, including giving constructive criticism where useful.

Diversity by Design

We design our processes to incorporate diversity and actively seek to include diverse voices. We strive to bridge and benefit from the diversity of backgrounds, competencies, culture and perspectives.


We respect agreements entered with members as well as third parties and take common responsibility for successes as well as failures. Even for voluntary efforts our common achievements depend on mutual accountability. We commit to share with relevant parties, when we are not able to meet values and expectations.