MyData Operators Thematic Group



As part of the MyData Global organisation, the MyData Operators Thematic Group gathers a diverse ecosystem of individuals and organisations with deep experience in the interoperability and sharing of personal data.


The core purpose of the group is to develop the definition and processes associated with the MyData Operator. We seek to promote the MyData Operator approach, building a common understanding within MyData and more widely. The MyData Operators Group recognises that interoperability is a journey and we will bring together the best minds to provide thought leadership to inform initiatives and public policy. We will focus on practical aspects of technology and governance to make the operation of infrastructures for personal data easier and more human-centric, with the goal of establishing full interoperability between operators.

We will create publications to support operators, other MyData members and the global personal data community. The group seeks to inspire the development of human-centric technologies that embody the MyData principles and to identify opportunities for collaboration.

MyData Operators White Paper

Current main effort of the thematic group is to develop and publish a white paper: Understanding MyData Operators
The paper draft is available for suggestions & edits at (Download PDF or DOCX)

Memorandum of Understanding

Together with the operator white paper the thematic group will publish and maintain a list of “proto-operators” that have committed to collaboration towards interoperability by signing the Proto-operator MoU in

Join the community

If you would like to learn more, or are interested in joining our community, you can find us in the MyData Slack and on regular online meetings.