Data Spaces

We want to see the concept of data spaces turning into reality. We want to see functional data spaces flourish. Many of you will be involved in building data spaces in the future. We want you to succeed!


One step on the journey is securing funding for the data spaces development. The European Commission will invest EUR 143 million in common European data spaces in different domains, as part of its Digital Europe Programme. The first set of calls are open until Feb 22. 2022 and more calls will open in the coming years.

→ We want that great people and ideas find their ways to consortia and succeed in getting the necessary resources.

  • See presentation from Kimmo Rossi, Head of Research & Innovation Sector, DG CONNECT (PDF)


The data spaces developers can benefit from the know-how of other data spaces initiatives.

→ so… we want to get connected with you so that we can facilitate also in the future the community of practice around data spaces.

  • See presentation from Tuomo Tuikka, Data Spaces Solution Lead at VTT & BDVA on Research organisations view on Gaia-X & Data Spaces. (PDF)


Lot’s of groundwork is done on the different aspects of data spaces: business, legal, technological, societal and on different domains from health, to finance, mobility, skills etc.

→ so… we want that you find the existing resources, when planning your data space and writing funding proposals.

  • See presentation from Marko Turpeinen, CEO of 1001 Lakes and the Data Spaces Resources Library below.


The real success of the data spaces is not in the data spaces, but in the impact that that the existence of data spaces create in the society at large.

→ so… we want to promote some guiding principles that we believe are important for the impact of the data spaces: interoperability, human-centricity, data sovereignty.

This Data Spaces Resources Library has been created to support stakeholders in understanding Data Spaces better and help them prepare successful proposals for the upcoming funding calls. 

See introduction to the Data Spaces Resources Library, presented by Marko Turpeinen at the Data Spaces Launchpad event on 10 December 2021.

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