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Wishing all a Safe and Private 2019! 


Congratulations to our Canadian MyData Global Board Member John Wunderlich, Privacy and Security Specialist, and the wise members of the Board’s Steering Committee.


MyData Global celebrated its official Founding in International Meetings on October 11th and November 15th 2018.


Enjoy a presentation or two from the 2018 MyData Global Conference in Helsinki which featured distinguished Canadian Data Experts  Bianca Wylie  on Sidewalk Toronto’s smart city and Kaliya Young on online identity issues. So much great stuff!  


Meeting in Toronto – July 18th


Teemu Ropponen of Open Knowledge Finland presents MyData 101 in Toronto with Fluid Project and the Inclusive Design Research Community at OCAD

 Join Us

By Video Conference:


In Person:  

Inclusive Design Research Centre, OCAD University

205 Richmond Street W. 2nd Floor


Jean-Noé Landry of Open North and Wasela Hiyate of MyData Canada interview Jacques Priol, CEO of CIVITEO, regarding French perspectives on Open Data and Smart Cities.


Wasela Hiyate comments on Sidewalk Toronto in Now Magazine: Citizen Safeguards against Big Data

Meeting in Fredericton – June 16th


MyData Meetup , June 16th at 1 PM, Maritime DevCon Fredericton, NB

MyData Information Session
Time and venue:
Wu Conference Centre
Room 203

Contact: Mahsa Kiani

Meetings in Barrie and Toronto – May 10 -19 



GO Open Data, Barrie, 11-12 May

Georgian College. 1 Georgian Dr, Barrie, ON Read more at: 


Teemu Ropponen ( and Raoul Plommer (


How are open data and MyData related


GO Open Data is a community-driven annual conference by and for the Ontario Open Data community. GO Open Data 2018 (#GOOD18) is a collaborative effort between civil society, IT professionals, bloggers, community and economic developers, city planners, civil servants and more.  The MyData team is presenting:

“On the borderlines between open and personal data – making the best of both worlds”

MyData is a global organization that uses a human-centered approach in personal data management that combines the need to reuse data with digital human rights. It includes both an alternative vision and guiding technical principles for how we, as individuals, can have more control over the data trails we leave behind in our everyday actions.

Read more about the program: 

MyData Meetup , Tue 15th May 2-5 PM, Toronto, Ontario

Time and venues:
Centre for Social Innovation, Annex
192 Spadina Avenue, Meeting Room A
May 15th, 2-5 PM EST time



Teemu Ropponen (, Mahsa Kiani (, Wasela Hiyate (

Raoul Plommer (

Theme:  Getting acquainted with MyData – and unleashing MyData Canada

MyData is establishing itself as an international not-for-profit foundation. The MyData Declaration co-written by the key players in the field last year set the common underlying values for forming the new organisation. Your input is now highly appreciated in shaping its internal and external identity.

In this session:

– introduction to the MyData thinking – and updates from Finland and EU

– discussion on GDPR and its effects globally

– introductions of Canadian initiatives on this (what do YOU want to present)


Program to develop still – stay tuned for further details.


RightsCon, Wed 16-18th May, Toronto, Ontario


Time and venues:  

Beanfield Centre at Exhibition Place
May 16-18th, early-til late.  


Teemu Ropponen (, Mahsa Kiani (,

Raoul Plommer (


Networking to make MyData known and global.


RightsCon Toronto 2018 is the seventh event in the RightsCon Summit Series. As the world’s leading conference on human rights in the digital age, we bring together business leaders, policy makers, general counsels, government representatives, technologists, and human rights defenders from around the world to tackle pressing issues at the intersection of human rights and digital technology. This is where our community comes together to break down silos, forge partnerships, and drive large-scale, real-world change toward a more free, open, and connected world.


MyData will also have a booth on Day 2. Hope we have a chance to cross paths!

We will also be presenting on Day 3 on detecting hatespeech using machine-learning. Read more at: 

Are you new to MyData?


MyData 2018 – held on August 29-31 in Helsinki, Finland – is Europe’s leading international conference on human-centered personal information management. MyData 2018 is a conference dedicated to placing the human at the centre of all this data talk. MyData 2018 is about MyData, GDPR and ethical use of personal data. It should be noted that we believe the business side of all this is extremely important, that is, a key focus of the conference is to make this a working business environment. The essential conference info is at


Last year we had about 700 people from 30 countries attending, with over 140 presenters! (see more in the final report This year, it will be 800-1000 people, not least due to GDPR making the subject even more timely. In addition to the 3 main days, there will be additional extended events, such as a data portability hackathon and workshops on items touching MyData, personal data, etc.  


The MyData global network, operating now in 20 locations in 15+ countries, and will be forming into an international organisation later this year!  MyData as such is on the Finnish government program, and the white paper we did has gotten traction from around the world and has been translated into multiple languages. Likewise, the MyData declaration outlining the very key principles of human-centric personal data is available in nearly 10 languages.


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