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MyData Global in motion – key developments in 2022

In this blog post, newly appointed Deputy general manager Sille Sepp explains the main developments for MyData Global in 2022 – Collective sensemaking and channels for impact, Strengthening the MyData brand, Renovating the infrastructure of MyData Global, and Changes in the staff and leadership team.


In January, we wrote about our perspectives on 2022, while looking forward to significant developments in EU policy and beyond. Since then, many of the foreseen developments have taken important steps forward, and MyData continues to pay close attention to relevant discussions and implementations (e.g. see our latest post on the EU Data Act). Our objective is to ensure that a human-centric approach is embedded in all topics where personal data is concerned.

We do that through four main impact areas: 1) connecting communities, 2) thought leadership, 3) ecosystem facilitation and 4) outreach. MyData Global organisation and the MyData Brand together form the engine to support these areas. To create (more) impact, MyData Global takes up several initiatives in 2022, both internally and externally focused.

Collective sensemaking and channels for impact

#1 We take a stance on personal data monetisation (to be finalised by Nov 2022).

The MyData community members are often asked about MyData Global’s position regarding personal data monetisation. As MyData Global is one of the thought leaders in the domain, we should have not just an opinion but a well-founded and justified position of the organisation, so that all its parties can rely on this in the wider discussion with other stakeholders. Without a clear position, we risk losing credibility, diminishing our influence and having internal fragmentation. If you’re interested in taking part in the deliberation efforts, express your interest here.

#2 We make the MyData Declaration actionable.

MyData Declaration is the centrepiece of our identity and activities. It describes the vision of MyData Global and the broader community and gives high-level guidance on improving individuals’ right to self-determination regarding their personal data. Many are already realising the MyData approach, while others need further support and practical guidance. We continue to support organisations with practical recommendations and inspiring case studies on implementing the MyData principles in context.

#3 Together, we move forward on the journey towards interoperability (in data sharing ecosystems).

MyData model defines the key roles for actors in data sharing ecosystems – among other roles, MyData Operators are those providing the human-centric infrastructure for personal data management and sharing. True individual empowerment also means freedom of choice between preferred service providers, which means that operator services need to be interoperable. MyData Global is on a mission to help companies do exactly that. We make sense and recognise leading organisations through MyData Operator awards (2022 awardees will be announced on 16 March), publications and complimentary support services.

#4 We give support, offer trainings and build ways for human-centric data sharing.

MyData’s thought leadership spearheads the way to innovation in the personal data space, both theoretically and practically. In 2022, we provide free training and networking opportunities for cities and data-driven companies through the H3C project (i.e. Human-Centric Companies and Cities). This way, we help build capacity and support companies and cities to develop services that use personal data ethically. Furthermore, we are looking forward to contributing to creating human-centric data spaces as part of the European Commission’s Digital Europe Work Programme. Together with leading European actors, we’ve submitted proposals to develop a Data Spaces Support Centre and contribute to developing a secure and trusted skills data space. Both proposals are currently in review, and we keep our fingers crossed for positive responses (due in autumn 2022).

#5 We connect communities through events, notably the MyData 2022 conference.

We’re known for connecting communities by organising vibrant, action-oriented, multi-stakeholder meetings and facilitating online interactions. We continue organising online events and webinars on relevant topics and will host the MyData 2022 conference in June 2022 in Helsinki, Finland. Keep an eye on the developments around it on our website.

Strengthening the MyData brand and outreach

The MyData brand (including its visual identity) is a core asset of MyData Global. It communicates MyData’s vision for a fair, sustainable, and prosperous digital society. Our audience’s perceptions about the MyData brand are formed by communicating our impact and progress towards our vision.

The current MyData visual identity was created in the early days of MyData (with the launch of the white paper in 2014). Since then, the community and its facilitating organisation have evolved, and it has become evident that reaching new audiences and communicating MyData impactfully requires improvements in the way we present our message and resources to the world. In that regard, MyData Global is renewing its visual identity and the core website, both taken into use incrementally, starting from April 2022.

Renovating the infrastructure of MyData Global 

We rely on tools and processes to support our work as any organisation. Although we’ve opted for efficient and collaborative tools in the past, we’ve long witnessed the need for better, more human-centric solutions for many of our core processes, such as membership onboarding and experience. Hence, we’re investing in updating crucial tools and processes to provide a better service to our members. In addition, we continue to seek tools and best practices that are in line with the MyData principles where possible.

Changes in the staff and leadership team

Talented and motivated staff and volunteers keep the MyData Global organisation running. Since January 2022, we have a new board and steering committee with Viivi Lähteenoja and Marcelle Ngounou as the chairs respectively. These two bodies give us the strategic guidance and oversight to ensure we stay on the right track. Further, to succeed in all the abovementioned initiatives and development, we reallocated human resources according to the organisation’s needs. Teemu Ropponen, the general manager, will focus mainly on setting up the MyData Events & Services Ltd, the main organiser of the MyData conferences in the future. He is further tasked with membership sales and keeping our finances in shape. Sille Sepp, the programmes lead, takes on additional tasks as deputy general manager and will lead the organisation until mid-2022. Anna Tuomainen, the community and culture lead, and Karolina Mackiewicz, project lead continue in their role as previously.

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