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Event: MyData & Govstack – Accelerating Digital Transformations in the Public Sector Globally

The recording from the event is available here! Join the MyData Global Slack workspace to continue discussing on consent and beyond!

Digital transformations have taken speed across the globe. Yet, many countries’ efforts are hindered due to a lack of available resources and access to state of the art know-how, potentially leading to fragmented, inefficient and suboptimal implementations.

The GovStack initiative is on a mission to support governments in building more effective and cost-efficient digital infrastructures. It facilitates deployment of the necessary building blocks – reusable and interoperable digital components – that governments need to facilitate generic workflows across multiple sectors.

As announced earlier, MyData Global has joined the Govstack initiative to contribute to drafting the requirements for the Consent Management building block. MyData Global is a centre of excellence in the personal data space, advocating that human-centric principles are given precedence when developing digital infrastructures for managing people’s data.

This online event is for stakeholders interested in digital transformations, specifically in consent management systems. As consent is intertwined with other domains, such as identity management, governance and data transactions, the event offers a platform for discussion and engagement to ensure that best practices across expertise will be acknowledged.

Agenda & speakers

  • Govstack – key learnings & road ahead
    Yolanda Martínez, Overall Lead GovStack Initiative at ITU
  • MyData – human-centric approach to personal data
    Viivi Lähteenoja, Board Chair of MyData Global
  • Consents in Govstack – Accelerating Human-Centric Digital Transformations
    Lal Chandran,

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