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Hub spotlight: MyData Japan – Promoting ethical approaches to personal data

MyData Global supports the 30 hubs based around the world to implement the MyData Declaration. In turn, hubs help grow the global MyData movement by hosting events and carrying out activities, such as lobbying governments and companies to be more ethical in their approach to personal data management. This update focuses on MyData Japan efforts in establishing a reputation for personal data expertise, influencing government policy, and building a successful movement.

In 2017, the first MyData conference was organised in Japan; a year later, MyData Japan (MDJ) became an official MyData Hub, and, in 2019, MDJ was established as a legal entity. As early as 2017, MyData Japan was taking a leading role in the global community by hosting the first independent MyData conference. Today, MyData Japan has 37 individual members and 12 organisational members. The MyData Japan Board consists of leaders from business, legal, technological, and societal fields, including Nat Sakimura of OpenID Foundation and Kazue Sako of Waseda University. MyData Japan’s focus is on growing the movement in Japan and influencing governmental policies regarding personal data. 

Caption: MyData Japan 2019 conference 

Working with government

Several committees promote the MyData movement in Japan in specific thematic areas. One of the most active committees is the Public Policy Committee, which has submitted expert opinions from the MyData Japan community to the Japanese government’s Public Comments. The Public Policy Committee submitted nine public comment opportunities last year and three this year, including public comments on the Privacy Governance Guidebook (PGG) and the Act on the Protection of Personal Information (APPI) requested by the government ministries and agencies. As a result, the official name of PGG was changed from “Privacy Governance Guidebook for Digital Transformation (DX) companies” to “Privacy Governance Guidebook for Digital Transformation era”, as MyData proposed that privacy governance is not only for “Digital Transformation companies”.  

A number of individuals on the MyData Japan board and in the wider membership are also members of the Japanese government’s working groups on regulations or policies related to personal data, enabling MyData Japan to promote human-centric approaches in regulations and policies. As a result of these activities, MyData Japan is becoming recognised as a centre of expertise on personal data in Japan.

Other than the Public Policy Committee, the Human Centric Services (HCS) Committee, and the Community Promotion Committee (CPC) actively involve people beyond MDJ by engaging external audiences. The HCS Committee held a study session on Unified ID and FLoC (Federated Learning of Cohorts) in July, and the CPC has started to plan the MyData Japan 2021 conference, our flagship event. The event is expected to be held in December 2021 or January 2022. The details will be forthcoming shortly. 

A full list of MyData Hubs and membership options, including MyData Japan, is available here. You can keep up to date with MyData Japan via their twitter, facebook and website