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The extraordinary community meeting for extraordinary times had +100 participants!

Covid-19 has affected us all. The world has been shaken and similarly to all other events, our long-awaited MyData Spring Community Meeting in Amsterdam couldn’t be organised as planned. We took a decision to move it online and despite the fact that it was put together on a tight schedule, it gathered together more than 100 participants from 19 (identified) countries from Trinidad and Tobago to Australia, representing Business, Legal, Tech & Society sectors. This completely exceeded our expectations! In comparison, we had 60 people registered to the physical meeting in Amsterdam.

We would like to thank MyData Community for your time, engagement and trust – you made this meeting a great success! 

Let’s look back together at those two wonderful days: what we talked about, what we decided and how are we going forward in the months to come.

Be sure to read also the blog from the co-host of the Community Meeting, Wil Janssen: Conferencing in the age of Corona – 7 suggestions

What was the meeting about and why it was interesting?

The Big Picture: MyData MyData & EU Data Strategy

MyData Global Board Chair Sarah Medjek and General Manager Teemu Ropponen presented the latest development concerning the strategy of MyData Global and Deputy General manager Viivi Lähteenoja tied it up to the newly published EU Data Strategy in which the MyData movement was highlighted. 

Watch the recording on Youtube  

Understanding the ecosystem: PDS & Netherlands & results from the Operators Workshop

Wil Janssen from the MyData Local Hub in Netherlands and Innovalor presented what’s happening in the ecosystem, especially in Dutch personal data stores (PDS) landscape and also the results of the workshop held on Wednesday about MyData Operators.

Watch the recording on Youtube
Here’s the presentation material

What’s up in MyData Community: 5×5 pitches

We heard five excellent pitches from the community

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Workshop on MyData Community in Action

During these extraordinary times, it is absolutely vital that we support each other and foster a place for connecting the NEEDS and the OFFERS. MyData community has tons of expertise and willpower to contribute to various matters, so we used the session to map out various initiatives that MyData community members have started and need support with. In addition, there are several strategic activities of MyData Global organisation that the community can contribute to.

Interested to help out? Find out more from this deck and sign up!

PSD Personal Data Stores -workshop 

Hosted by Christoph Fabianek, Salman Farmanfarmaian and Dixon Siu

The goal of PDS’s is to allow individuals the possibility of storing their own data under their own control – Presentation materials here 

Join the work on Slack #common_endpoints

Further information contact,

Workshop: How to design the ultimate MyData app 

Third workshop about designing the perfect MyData App was hosted by the community members Peter Eikelboom from Devolksbank, Marie-José Hoefmans from Schluss and Mike Alders from IRMA app. Presentation material here.

Further information contact:,,

Pop-up Open Space AKA MyData Community vs. Covid-19

“Demo and Interactive Discussion on Possible Use of JLINC App in MyData/ Coronavirus Scenario” 

In his demo presentation, Iain Henderson and Paul-Olivier Dehaye spoke why the bottom-up data is much better and more accurate to fight Covid19, and how the MyData approach can help building the application needed by the communities to fight the epidemic. Watch the recording to know more and join the MyData Corona-call on Wednesday at 15:00 CET ( to learn more and engage instantly.

Watch the Open Space session on Youtube

“Disinformation & Trust in a Pandemic”

This session collected the examples of the successful implementation of data-based solutions to fight the epidemic in Taiwan and Korea as well as MyData architecture to address Covid-19. Moreover, it discussed the misinformation and disinformation overflowing the societies right now. The speakers were:

  • Sherry Chung – Introduction to the conceptualization of the self-help management app: MyData Taiwan Hub
  • Chris Lee: Trust in government policies: Korea’s approach to COVID-19
  • Paul-Olivier Dehaye and Iain Henderson – Data architecture for addressing COVID-19: a scientific and civil liberties standpoint
  • Casandra Grundstrom – The pandemic of disinformation: keep calm and don’t pass panic on, presentation material here
  • Berrin Serdar – The pandemic of misinformation: recognizing reliable sources and stopping the spread of false information

Whole session presentation material here
Watch the Open Space session on Youtube

What’s next?

We have a challenge FOR YOU to start gardening for a brighter future.


Special thanks to the Hub Netherlands, Wil Jansen and Marlies Rikken for hosting the event and creating the Dutch atmosphere virtually.