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We are a community of thinkers, doers and enthusiasts in responsible personal information management, and firm believers in the empowering potential of personal data control.

We host discussions around the implementation of the MyData principles in London area and promote other events of interest to the community at large.

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Data portability & data sharing workshop (October 26th)

The workshop was about discussing the promises and challenges of data portability and permissioned data sharing. We wanted to engage the experts and address some of the key legal and technical issues hindering the development of truly interoperable data ecosystem, enabling individuals to effectively put pressure on consumer-facing services and derive more benefits from the data-driven value generation process.

We started with a keynote presentation by Dr. Angela Daly, comparing and contrasting the right to data portability in the EU and the consumer data right that was recently introduced in Australian legislation.

This was followed by four presentations relating to the practical complications in making data really portable, including technical standards, unauthorized access and risks in connection with further processing.

The final two presentations gave us more ‘blue sky scenarios’ on the framework for trusted portability and sharing.

The workshop was hosted by the MyData UK hub with the support of the Open Data Institute, and open to (both current and potential) members of the MyData community.

All the presentation materials are here.

Below is a list of the speakers with links their web profiles.

The End of Privacy 1.0 (May 24th 2018)

For full agenda and details, click here. This event also had a sister event GDPRHackDay​ co-hosted with MIT Media Labs. Presenters and their presentations:


1. From privacy Self-regulation to Co-regulation

PIMs standard

Jas Sahota​, ​British Standard Institute

Data Privacy Vocabularies and Controls

Sabrine Kirrane​, ​Vienna University of Economics and Business​ ​& ​W3C Community Group Launch​

DEcentralised Citizens Owned Data Ecosystem

Shehar Bano​, UCL-​DECODE Project​

Digital Prosumer

Audrey Guinchard​, University of Essex – ​Digital Prosumer project​


2. Data portability: benefits and challenges

From data portability to data mobility: opportunities and challenges

Sabine Gerdon​, ​UK Ministry for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport​ – (DCMS)

Will Data Portability Support Innovation?

Jack Hardinges​, ​Open Data Institute

Anyone for PIMs?

Karen Watson​, ​MyLife Digital

Use cases and structural flaws in the current data ecosystem

David Alexander​, ​Mydex​ CIC


3. Privacy Information: explanations in algorithmic systems

OPAL Infomediary: Bringing AI and Humans into the Personal Data Ecosystem

Thomas Hardjono​, MIT (remote)

Explanation as a Service

Vaishak Belle​, ​University of Edinburgh

Why Does Computer Say No? How might we explain automated decisions, and why?

Reuben Binns​, ​Oxford University​

A (meta)-data perspective on enabling transparency of algorithmic predictions

Paolo Missier​, ​University of Newcastle​