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MyData Estonia

The Estonian MyData initiative is currently a loose network of individuals and organizations driven by common interest towards applicability of human-centric data management principles in the development of individual services and on the national infrastructure level in Estonia. The network members are acting as ambassadors for the movement in their organizations.

The common main goals for this network are:

  • raising awareness of human-centric data management;
  • united lobbying effort for advancing the human-centric principles in regulations and state-level infrastructure development and; 
  • collective knowledge building by sharing of experiences and visions and by collaboration in local and international pilots.

Alliance related documents

  • What are we trying to solve? 
    During the alliance meetings, we seek to find MyData value offer to different stakeholders. This naturally starts with the question – what do we actually want to solve? We tackle this by answering to two simple but relevant questions:

    • Imagine, that MyData as a concept and it’s related tools have been realised. Looking from the individual’s perspective, what would be his/her assets, opportunities and conditions, that would come to life? Please name up to three
    • Taking into account the current personal data management situation, methodology, tools and know-how, what could be the biggest obstacles and risks from the individuals point of view, that hinder MyData as a concept to come to life? Please name up to three points.

      We are glad if you take this 5 minutes to give your input via this link

General references

  • European ministers responsible for e-government in Tallinn signed a joint Tallinn e-government declaration (the Tallinn Declaration) to reinvigorate Europe’s efforts in the area. We agreed upon a road map for the next steps in e-government at both the national and EU levels.